Meet Brian – DadLINE’s Program Manager

Here he is, Brian Truschinger, our Program Manager! Brian comes from Kansas City, and of course, is a big fan of the Chiefs and the Royals. As a student, he moved to Kirksville in order to attend Truman State University. More than just a college, Truman turned out to be the place where he met

Everything You Should Know About Paternity Testing

Paternity is defined as “the state of being someone’s father”, which is exactly what Darth Vader throws at Luke in his famous quote “I am your father” (yes, forget about the “Luke” at the beginning of the sentence, as this is an unfortunate misquote and the sith lord never actually said that).  Paternity tests are

How to bond with a newborn?

“When Nora was born, all I could do was stare at her and be in awe of her”, said Jackson, one of our staff members. The question is… what to do when your baby doesn’t seem to be in awe of you? We’ve had questions about dads in this kind of unfortunate situation and because

What does it mean to be a dad today?

What does it mean to be a dad today? There he comes, the head of the family, in his long, loose linen shirts and long socks made of wool. The father who represents authority, the one who holds the keys to morality. The primary parent.  Fast-forward to the 21st century, and a lot of things