Meet Brian – DadLINE’s Program Manager

Here he is, Brian Truschinger, our Program Manager! Brian comes from Kansas City, and of course, is a big fan of the Chiefs and the Royals. As a student, he moved to Kirksville in order to attend Truman State University. More than just a college, Truman turned out to be the place where he met the one who would become his wife: Amanda. Brian obtained his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and in July of 2002, in the wake of graduation, the happy couple got married and went to settle in Florida.

Brian is not new to the world of nonprofits, as he worked for New International during his time in sunny Floria. He also had the opportunity to work on two business start-ups with friends. While still living in Florida, he and his wife were delighted to welcome two children, now both teenagers in high school. Outside of work, Brian loves being outdoors and playing sports. He also has a strong interest in tools and repairing cars. Their son plays the bass guitar and their daughter loves everything related to arts, including painting and drawing. In 2009, Brian’s family made the decision to go back to their roots by moving to Kirksville again. 

We love Brian’s energy and optimism, and his dedication to helping others. His passion for serving men shines through. “One of the common themes in nearly 20 years of work has been my desire and passion to meet with men, to chat, mentor, and encourage them in their fatherhood journey”, he says. When asked why he chose to work at Lifeline, Brian’s answer was straightforward: “I am excited to be at Lifeline because of all the good the clinic is doing and will continue to do in the future. I feel privileged to be a part of that.”

He summarizes his life goals in this manner: “Helping people has always been a goal of mine and my position of DadLINE Program Manager will give me so many opportunities to do just that. Parenting, marriage, life, can be hard but absolutely worth working on and striving to be the best we can be in those realms. We are here for the dads in Northeast Missouri.”

Brian completed substantial training from the National Fatherhood Institute and the Center for Relationship Education to implement the 24/7 Dad and the Real Essentials curriculums.