Meet Jackson – DadLINE Education Coordinator

Jackson graduated from Truman State University with a BA in Communications. He then worked for Preferred Family Healthcare as a Behavioral Health Assistant and later as an Academic Coach for Upward Bound.

He joined the Lifeline team in 2018 as a Pure Freedom educator, teaching relationship education and sexual abuse prevention to middle and high schoolers all around Northeast Missouri. As a father of a one-year-old little girl, Jackson is excited to transition into his new role of Education Coordinator with DadLINE.

When asked about his hobbies, Jackson replied that he likes to spend time with his family, listen to music, play sports, and talk with friends. His perfect day would include lots of music, a basketball game, family and friends, a horse, a mountain, and one long meaningful conversation.

As for his life goals, he said he wants to “understand myself and the world around me more, and to love others better every week. I want to be creating healthy habits in my relationship, habits that show love to my wife and to my daughter.”